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Our Gas Chromatograph


 By incorporating a gas chromatograph into our breeding program we are able to select male and female parents based on empirical evidence. We are using our GC to help us in selecting cultivars for highest potency, not only in THC, CBD and CBG but also in Limolene and Pinene, and Myrcene among others.
 We can use the GC on our farm to determine exactly which plants will go to the extractor and which ones will be harvested for "Top Shelf" bud at dispensaries, while they are still growing in the field.
  We are now offering analytical services to others. We can test cannabinoid on fresh or dried flowers and extracts. Currently we charge $30.00 for a potency test, $25.00 for 100 or more tests. These test are not for regulatory use but are used for quality control and R&D. Text or call Richard at 541-787-7053  

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Our Fem seeds growing at Siskiyou Sungrown